Camping South Australia

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I am a resident of South Australia and have, over the years, experienced the pleasures of the outdoors in this State.

It is a diverse region and camping has proven to be a relaxing and economical way of enjoying some lesser known areas of South Australia.

Whilst there is information available on camping in South Australia (for more information on camping within parks and reserves in SA, go to, both via the internet and more traditional means, there is nothing like travelling to the spot yourself.  This is the only way to experience the characteristics and atmosphere of each area. 

I intend to provide details of specific areas.  They are all areas I have visited.  I know when researching before travelling, I had no trouble locating general directions to the place or the facilities available there, but there was little written about the details.  For example, what time of the year to visit?  What is there to do or see?  How many camping sites are available and are they well screened from one another?  Is it possbile to peg a tent?  Is it open or are there trees?  

I hope to give a detailed account, with photographs of course, of each area and I encourage anyone to visit them if they are able.  They all have something to offer and you will not regret the experience.  

I will update the site as I go, adding different locations as I visit them.  I hope to add a section detailing some of the gear used, or wish I had, which can make things a little more comfortable.

The section titled "Fishing" will provide information on the species I have caught at, or near, some of the camping areas mentioned.  Most are fairly common here in SA and I will endeavour to explain the methods I used to catch them.  I'm no expert, however, but it may be of some help.

Above all, it's great to get out there and enjoy what South Australia has to offer and I hope that this site will encourage people to do just that.

(All photographs on this site are my own and subject to copyright laws).