Border Cliffs Camping Area


Border Cliffs Camping Area is right next to the Customs House at Border Cliffs.  It's about 30 kilometres north east of Renmark on the Paringa - Murtho Road.  All up about around 270 kilometres from Adelaide. 

I remember the Customs House from a long ago houseboat holiday.  It appeared on the shore like an oasis in the desert.  We had been running low on ice on the houseboat and were still miles from any town when we saw this place.  It caters well for house boats right near the Victorian/South Australian border.

The camping area is set away from the Customs House itself and is very small.  There are four sites, all intended for vehicle based camping.  All sites are quite close together with not much screening between each.

It's a poor photo, but the permapine posts indicate a campsite.  This shows three of them.  The fourth is to the left of the picture (I was standing in front of it when I took this).

All sites lead off of a gravel carparking area (pictured above).  It's a round area with only one road in and out, the camping area being at the end of the road.  A short walk away there is a toilet block with two long drops toilets.

The sites are ideal if you are on your own, or maybe two people with swags.  You can then just back your car into a space and roll the swags out.  The area is not large enough for caravans or trailers - even tents would be pushing it.  There is some shade offered by the large riverside trees and it's possible to sit behind the sites on the banks of the river if necessary.  There would not be much shelter from the sun for vehicles or the site itself.  The ground, in places, is rocky but generally you should have no problem pegging a tent.

This photo gives you an idea of the size of the sites - very small indeed.

I think the sites are best kept for overnight visits only.  There is not enough room for the family.  A day trip would be good as it's a lovely spot and there is a boat ramp and canoe launching area.  You can also buy basic items from the Customs House.  For camping fees, visit the Customs House or drop into the Renmark Visitors Cenre (08)8586 6704.

Fishing from the shore here would result in the odd Callop and the ever present carp.  Yabbies might also be an option in the warmer months.  There is a 4km self-guided walk that starts and ends right next to the camping area.  It leads through the wetlands.  Even without much water, the plant and animal life is amazing in this relatively small area.  It is much more heavily vegetated than other areas and gives some indication of what the place was like before it was cleared.  Numerous species of birds as well as kangaroos and echidnas can be found.

The start of the Wetlands Walk.

Summer would be very hot here with spring and autumn the times to visit.  However, the fishing is quite good during the summer, so if you can put up with the heat and the flies, it's worth a visit.

Although the camping area is too small for an extended stay, Border Cliffs is well worth a visit.  The upper Murray River is a very picturesque and peaceful part of the world.