Long Point


If camping at Long Point (part of the Coorong National Park) you will need to book a campsite online first.

Not far from Mark Point, Long Point lies about 20 k's west of Meningie.  Meningie is 150 kilometres south east of Adelaide on the shores of Lake Albert.

The campsite I am going on about here is not actually at Long Point itself, but is a couple of kilometres north, along the 4WD track that goes from Long Point to Mark Point.

At Long Point proper, there are a few designated camping sites, but i am unable to comment on their condition etc, as I have never camped there.

If you follow the above-mentioned track north past the shacks, you will notice permapine posts to the left side of the track and then another path leading off.  These designate a camping spot.  All are on the shores of the Coorong.  None offer much in the way of shelter as the natural bushland here is of low scrub.  Some are nestled between low hills and these can afford some sort of shelter.  All have relatively firm ground, the hard part is finding a piece of ground flat enough to accomodate a tent.  None of these sites would be suitable for a caravan and a 4WD is recommended to reach them.

Very similar in nature to Mark Point, the sites along here are peaceful and offer great views of the sand dunes across the Coorong.  Many species of waders (birds) can be seen also, some migratory species from the other side of the world.  Summer seems to be the best time to spot these.  Photographers can take advantage of the spectacular sunsets over the dunes.

Camping here overnight, especially windless, moonless nights, invokes that eeriness I have only ever felt whilst camped in the Coorong region.  The stars on such nights are extremely bright and you will be amazed at the number of them. 

There is only a narrow strip of natural bush, between the Coorong and farmer's paddocks, but it holds a surprising amount of wildlife.  I have seen Kangaroos, Emus and, on two occasions, Echidnas.

A spot well worth a nights stay, within easy distance of Adelaide. 


Camp site near Long Point and looking towards Mark Point from near Long Point.