Lowan Conservation Park


About 130 kilometres from Adelaide, near Bow Hill on the River Murray, lies Lowan Conservation Park.  It is about 15 kilometres south of Bow Hill on the Bow Hill to Karoonda Road and consists of thick Mallee Scrub surrounded by farmland. 

Lowan Conservation Park, showing Mallee Scrub.

I managed to gain entry to a part of the park which was just a track that led to a large, circular shaped open area.  The track ended so I camped in a clearing and spent the rest of the time exploring on foot.  I did locate a road which seemed to run through the centre of the park, but I am unsure how to access it.

I found that the country changed slightly from the mallee to areas of native pine and open grassland.  The park is home to Mallefowl, an endangered species.  I have never seen one here, nor have I ever found their distinctive nesting mounds (although I may have and not even known it), but this park would be a good place to start looking.

It is home to numerous bird species and I was lucky enough to see and photograph a Southern Scrub-robin, which are apparently not often seen.  (The photograph was a bad one, but you can still recognise the bird).  Some monster Wedge-tail Eagles call this and the surrounding areas home and I have seen one fairly close up as it was roosting in a tree in the middle of one of open areas.  It's size was quite surprising, especially when it launched into flight.

Kangaroos are also common and it is a good place to see Echidnas. 

Walking through this park is interesting, but it is very easy to loose track of direction.  A compass needs to be carried, because there are no clear paths.

No facilities and no marked campground, bush camping is the only option.  Spring is the optimum time of the year to visit.