Lyrup Flats


Darter are common along the River.  Sunset  - opposite Lyrup Flats.

Lyrup Flats is part of the extensive Murray River National Park.  It lies between Berri and Renmark and is opposite the township of....wait for it...Lyrup.  It's about 240 kilomtres from Adelaide if you take the Sturt Higway route, or 280 k's if travelling through Loxton.

There is a Self Registration Station when you enter the park, which is well signposted off of the highway. At the present time it costs $8 a night to camp.  The road through the park is gravel and negotiable in all conditions to all vehicles but, after rain, the tracks leading to individual camp sites become very slippery.

The sites remind me very much of Moorook Game Reserve.  The banks are quite steep and the water deep.  As a result, the fishing is quite good.  There is no shortage of spots, with over twenty marked sites.  Each is large and offers plenty of room for a couple of families to pitch their tents.  Shade is available at all I've seen, although more at some than others.  It is a very quiet place and each site is well separated, with it's own entrance road (although some sites are linked via tracks that have been made between them).

I wouldn't recommend swimming here due to the nature of the river.  Deep water, narrow river with a bit of a bend all adds up to nasty currents.  Please watch the kids here.

Being a large area, there's plenty of room for exploring, although the vegetation is typical low scrub inland, compared with the gum trees on the banks of the river.  All year round camping is possible due to the amount of shelter provided by the trees, although Summer can be very hot.  Kamgaroos are present along with a variety of bird life.

Campsires are allowed (except during Fire Danger Season), but be aware of restrictions.