Maize Island Conservation Park


About 200 kilometres from Adelaide lies Waikerie.  Just 7 kilometres further lies Maize Island Conservation Park.  It is well signposted from the highway.

Camping here is on the banks of the Main River.  There are no marked sites, but their location is obvious.  The road in is good and the dirt road within the park is not bad.  Some sites would be suitable for a caravan. 

As you enter the park and veer right, following the road, the first few sites here are on steep banks.  The further in you travel, the less steep the banks become.  Near the end of the road, the sites are on fairly level ground with small trees for cover.

A camp site at Maize Island Conservation Park. 

A short way in and the cliffs start on the opposite bank.  On sunny mornings, the sun reflects off of these hills and the colours are amazing. 

The fishing in some areas is good and others not so good.  Of course, that could just be me, but I've found towards the end of the park, where the ground levels out and the river widens slightly, to be quite good for Callop.  I haven't had much luck opposite the cliffs, but it certainly looks fishy.


The cliffs opposite camp sites at Maize Island CP.

Kangaroos are present towards the back of the park, away from the river.  Snakes and lizards call this park home too, although I have had only fleeting glimpses of snakes.  Sleepy Lizards (Shinglebacks) are very common.

Each site varies in size and all have varying degrees of shade.  It is a matter of taking a drive through to see if any spots meet your needs.  There are no facilities, although there are sometimes rubbish bins in certain areas.

In the middle of the park there is a lagoon, which attracts a variety of bird life, including a noisy flock of galahs, which arrived in the evening to drink on a recent stay there.

Due to the sparse shade and no shelter, I wouldn't recommend a stay in Summer.  All other times of the year would have something to offer.

The lagoon in Maize Island Conservation Park on a clear but frosty morning.