Point Turton


Although not really camping, I thought I'd mention Point Turton and the caravan park.  My son and I stayed there not too long ago and we were impressed with the caravan park itself and the surrounding areas.  I had stayed at the same park previously. on several occasions, but my focus then was fishing and only fishing.

Point Turton is on the western side of the Peninsula, between Warooka and Corny Point.  It's about 230 kilometres from Adelaide.

Firstly the managers of the park were very friendly and helpful.  The park itself is spotless and there is an area provided for campers which includes a kitchen, fridge and TV room.  It's all meticulously maintained.  Whilst not a very large caravan park, it is ideally situated on the foreshore, right across the road from the jetty.

The jetty fishes very well at times for garfish and squid.  Tommies are also available, including big ones if you are prepared to fish at night.  If you have a boat, it's a well known whiting fishing spot.  The boat ramp has been upgraded now, and a rock wall added, so it's much more protected from the wind.

Point Turton Jetty

The bay in front of the township is shallow, and the tide recedes quite a bit.  During the cooler months, scallops can be found in the sand, although you'd have to really like scallops.  The water would be freezing.

Follow the coast to the north west and you will find the swimming area.  This is a great spot and was the highlight of the trip for my son.  It is a natural pool, the bottom of which is mainly sand.  A wall runs out into the deeper water (this wall is covered at high tide) and snorkelling out here is an eye opener.  Jumping off of the wall into the deeper water kept my son amused for ages.  Being only a few kilometres from the caravan park, we spent a lot of time here.

The swimming area.  The wall is just submerged.

There was only one negative about the trip.  A tavern has been built and it sits above the caravan park.  (The park is actually an abandoned quarry).  It was a Saturday night and the noise from the drunken louts was terrible.  I hardly slept.  (my son, however, slept right through it).  It might be a good idea to stay here during the week, when the pub is closed.

Point Turton is a lovely spot, but it's not so quiet anymore.  A new housing estate and numerous holiday homes have crept up all over the place.  A midweek visit during off peak times could ensure a nice, peaceful stay.