Ramco Point


A typical Ramco Point spot.

(Photo's on this page proudly brought to you after I completely botched the uploading process and swiped my SD card clean.  I found them though, and am now reverting back to film...........not really).

Ramco Point is 7k's from Waikerie in the State's Riverland.  The easiest way to get there is to head into Waikerie, then drive out past the caravan park, heading back towards Cadell, for 7k's.  Ramco is a small place with orange orchards on one side and the river on the other.  If heading in this way, turn right between the primary school and the footy oval.  There is small sign "Ramco Point", but it's tucked away a bit, but you can't miss the footy oval or school.

If coming in from the Cadell side, turn left instead (!).

The entrance road is bitumen at first, but only until you pass the school. So you get about 80 metres of sealed road.  After that it's dirt.  Almost immediately you will come to a sign giving some information about the "Ramco Wetlands" and camping in the area. If you keep following this road, you will arrive at a boat ramp and a grass area.  No camping on the grass, but it's nice spot for a picnic. 

Follow the road to the left and it leads you along a strip of land between the main river and the wetlands.  Unfortunately, at the moment (October 2009), there is no water at all in the wetlands area, which is a large billabong/backwater.  (Hart lagoon, closer to Waikerie was also dry a little while ago, but now it has some water in it - let's hope Ramco Wetlands receive water soon).

The camping areas are alongside this road as you follow it along the river.  There are quite a few sites, most large enough for a caravan or camper trailer (some large enough for two).  They are all close to the rivers edge and almost all offer access to the river (ie access to clear water, with the banks, right in front of the campsites, devoid of trees or reeds).  The banks are steep, at times very steep, and drop into fairly deep water.  They are ideal fishing spots and would be OK for mooring a boat.  I don't know what the water would be like for swimming, but for kids I'd say no, due to the depth and likelyhood of snags close in. 


 Steep banks are a feature of this area.  This spot is not too bad compared to some.

You will have no worries picthing a tent.  The ground is firm, but easy to get pegs into.  The sites all face north, so they are nicely protected from southerly winds.  There are lots of trees too, so shade is available at them all.

There are no facilities, so the usual rules apply.  Take all your rubbish with you, only have campfires in designated spots (gas fires are preferred) and bring your own firewood.  You will need water for drinking too.

The road in is not too bad, but after 1 or 2 k's, it deteriorates quite badly, especially after rain.  When it's dry you can still get through, even with a caravan, but it will be a wee bit bumpy.  After rain, forget it.  It's that thick, gluey, grey mud.  Even so, there are about half a dozen sites before you get to this stretch of road.

You can imagine what this was like when it was wet.  This is the road running alongside the campsites.  It's better closer to the entrance, but worse in other places.

Any time of the year would be nice here, but be mindful of the heat in summer.  It is ideally located though, Waikerie is only 7k's away, so if you run out of anything you haven't got far to go.

The sign on the way in does not mention a fee of any kind and there are no self registration stations.  I can only assume it's free.  However, don't take that as being the case.  Ring the council, numbers here, http://www.loxtonwaikerie.sa.gov.au to make sure or email them at  council@loxtonwaikerie.sa.gov.au.

There is another track heading right from the picnic area.  This is a bit rough for caravans, but it does lead to another couple of sites on the banks of the river.  They are much the same as the other sites mentioned above.  I would avoid using this track though as it necessitates a drive through a small area of bush to get back out.  This route is quite bumpy and does not look like your'e supposed to be using it.  (It's not blocked off though).  Best to stick to the sites to the left, there are plenty there.

The River itself is quite wide here and is almost on a bend.  There is natural bush on the opposite bank and the red/orange cliffs can be seen as the River bends into the north to the west (when looking from the east, or from a high point a bit further south - ha).

A handy little spot, in an area littered with camping opportunities.