Here are a few very, very basic recipes for your seafood.  Simple but effective.

Calamari Rings (ie Squid Rings)

A favourite with the kids.

4 or 5 decent size squid.  (Probably about 500g of rings) - 3 eggs - 2 cups of breadcrumbs.

Clean the squid and cut the tubes into rings.  My kids are fussy, so I make certain that I have cleaned every bit of skin from the squid, that way there are no stringy bits when you bite into the rings.  When the rings are perfectly clean, dip them in the egg and then throw them in the breadcrumbs.  It's probably easiest to put the crumbs in a plastic bag and put the egg-coated rings into the bag as well and give it a good shake.  This coats them fairly well.

Make sure the oil in the deep fryer is very hot.  Put the coated rings in the oil for about 30 to 40 seconds, until the breadcrumbs have browned up nicely.  Any longer than this and the squid can become chewy.  Take them out of the oil and put them onto some paper towel to drain some of the oil.  They are best eaten with just a bit of salt, although some people ruin them by dipping them in Tarare sauce or Thousand Island Dressing.

This will feed about 4 people.

Fish Patties

About 2 dozen fish fillets, skinned and boned.  Best to use fish like Mullet, Tommies, Salmon or Snook: any fish that doesn't taste as good after it's been frozen - about 500 g of mashed potatoes (or about the same amount of mash as you have fish - about a cup of breadcrumbs - bit of butter, salt and pepper - bit of mayonnaise - 2 eggs - 1 chopped onion.  You can also throw in a few herbs and spices if you wish.  A sprinkling of lemon pepper and garlic flakes work well.

Cook the fish fillets first.  Steaming or poaching them works well, but you could fry them.  After they have been cooked, put them in a bowl and mash them up with a fork. Add the chopped up onion, the eggs, mayonnaise and the herbs.

Boil the taters and mash them up, adding a bit of butter and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  A bit of milk can be added to at this time too, making for nice smooth mash.

Mix the mash potatoes and the fish together.  Mix it well and add the breadcrumbs.  You should be left with a nice firm mixture that can be moulded into patties.  It might be necessary to add a few more breadcrumbs if it needs to be stiffened up a little.

Once moulded into the rough shape of a pattie, shallow fry them in oil, a couple of minutes each side.  Once they have browned up, place them on some paper towel to drain.

They taste great and are an excellent way of cooking the less desirable table fish. 

This recipe will result in about 15 patties.