Redbanks Reserve is near Burra in the State's mid north.  It's about 15 kilometres east of the town and is well signposted.

Redbanks was a popular reserve for off road bikes and buggies, but has since been set aside as a conservation area.  However, the off roaders still show up.

It is an isolated area and the vegetation is Mallee scrub mainly, with salt bush and open areas.  There is a creek running through the reserve and a designated walking track.  Although dry most of the time, the creek does have permanent water holes which makes it a great place to observe wildlife.  When walking along the banks, you'll soon see why they call it Redbanks.

There are two separate areas where it's possible to camp.  One is set amongst the Mallee scrub away from the creek.  There are toilets and a rainwater tank here, although don't expect there to be any water in it.  The other site is above the creek bank and is more open.  There is plenty of room at both, but privacy would be a problem if there were more than a few people (but I doubt this will be a problem).

Access to the reserve is open to 2WD vehicles and caravans.  The roads are unsealed but in good repair.  The track within the reserve is a bit bumpy in parts, but access is still easy enough.

Best seasons to visit would be Spring, Autumn and even Winter.  Summer would be too hot.  There is not much shelter, save for the Mallee trees and a few gums along the creek.  (Don't camp under the big River Gums - huge branches regularly fall).  Nights in the cooler months can be extremely cold.

There are heaps of kangaroos and birdlife, especially early morning and late afternoon around the water.  Unfortunately there are also heaps of flies.  Insect repellant is a must.

Burra is only a couple of hours from Adelaide and is rich in mining history.  It is easy to spend a couple of days here poking around.