Stenhouse Bay

Stenhouse Bay Jetty 


The campground as Stenhouse Bay, whilst still not the most picturesque campsite, has improved over the last couple of years.  Appearance wise anyway.  I think it is due to the vegetation having grown a bit which has actually aided with screening the sites a little better from one another as well as adding to the beauty of the place.  All the sites are still a nightmare for driving pegs into the ground though.  Take very strong pegs and a small sledgehammer. 

Stenhouse Bay is the gateway to Innes National Park.  Just over 300 kilometres from Adelaide, it lies at the foot of Yorke Peninsula and is actually inside the National Park itself.

Entry fee to the park at the time of writing is $10 per car.  If camping it's $15 a night (per car).  There are 25  sites at Stenhouse Bay and are booked online prior to attending.  

Just as you enter the park, follow the signs to the Stenhouse Bay campground. It's only a hop, skip and a jump from the general store and tavern.  It's a wide, open campground with segregated sites.  There is a toilet but little else.  It is an unspectacular camp ground, but it's the surrounding area that is the attraction. 

There is not a great deal of shelter, but it's location provides some protection from the wind.  The ground within some sites is very hard to put pegs into because of the rock kying just under the surface.  Other sites have firm ground without the rocks.

The  jetty is within walking distance, although it would be hard work with fishing gear.  Much easier to drive to the car park at the top of the hill and walk down to the jetty.  This in itself is not a short walk.  The jetty fishes well for squid, tommies and garfish.  The water is deep and was popular with land based shark fisherman at one stage.

Nearby Jolly's Beach is good for mullet during the Autumn run and is a spectacular part of the coast.  Rhino Head (so named because of it's resemblance to a rhino's head) is clearly visible a short walk from the campground. 

Kangaroos and emus visit the camp ground itself and surrounding areas.  It is an ideal base camp to use if you wish to visit the sites within the National Park, with the added bonus of being close to the general store.


Overlooking Chinamans and sunrise, looking towards Rhino Head.  Stenhouse Bay makes an ideal base camp for such locations.