Swan Reach Conservation Park

Swan Reach Conservation Park is about 15 kilometres west of Swan Reach along the Sedan to Swan Reach Road.  It is about 125 kilometres from Adelaide.

It is a haven for birdwatchers.  There are no large bodies of water nearby.  It is a large area of thick mallee scub.  When I say thick, I mean thick for mallee.  There is plenty of room to walk amongst the trees and there is not much in the way of understorey.

The trees are old so they have their resident bird population (like the Owlet Nightjar pictured).  They also attract large numbers of Honeyeaters.  This park is the only place I've seen Purple-crowned Lorikeets and Rainbow Bee-eaters.


Owlet Nightjar and a Rainbow Bee-eater.  Both from Swan Reach CP.

Umfortunately if you don't like birds or mallee trees then you may be bored.  Except if you wish to spend your time in the eastern end of the park looking for wombats.  The Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat is another resident here, although he's not easy to spot.

There are absolutely no facilities and there are no marked sites.  Take care when selecting somewhere to camp and don't use any fallen timber for fire wood.  (Don't chop down the trees either).  The ground is bad.  Dry, dusty soil full of small rocks.  It is easy enough to peg though.

Camping in mallee scrub like this exposes you to all the elements, although because of the sheer number of trees, they would make a windbreak of sorts.  The trees are sparse in foliage. so offer little shade and shelter. 

An unlikely spot to camp, but well worth a look if you are into birds.