Swincers Rocks

Situated along the Corny Point to Marion Bay Road, Swincers Rocks is closer to Corny Point - less than 10 kilometres from Corny Point.  All up it's about 260 kilometres from Adelaide.  The turn off is signposted and the road in is gravel and suitable for all types of vehicles, although it can get a little slippery when it's wet and it's bumpy in parts.

Just before the end of the road is reached, you will see a sign indicating the camping area.  Even though it's signposted, the camping spots are not immediately obvious.  They are just a few open areas amongst the low scrub.  Most people that stay overnight here are caravaners or mobile home owners who park their rigs in the carpark.  This isn't a bad idea for a night or two as the carpark is absolute beachfront and it offers great views.  If you wish to pitch a tent then you are restricted to a few open areas, some of which are quite large.  The ground is firm and driving pegs in is no problem.

This track here is not the main road in - it's the track that winds through the camping spots.

As you can see from the photograph above, there is very little shelter.  Any wind from the westerly quarters will be onshore at Swincers Rocks and any wind from the easterly quarters will be offshore.  So for comfortable camping south-east through to north-east winds are the best, as long as they are not too strong.  Even light westerly winds are OK.  Strong winds from any direction will make camping uncomfortable unless you have adequate shelter.

There are no facilities at all, so you will have to be totally self sufficient. 

This is just offshore at Swincers Rocks.  Lots of reefy areas.

Most people that camp at swincers are either overnighters taking a break from their travels or they are there to fish.  The coastline here has extensive reef systems, along with a small beach area.  The low lying rocks offer excellent access to deep water.  With an easterly breeze, fishing off these rocks is a pleasure, especially in the warmer months when nice size garfish put in an appearance.  Squid, tommies and snook are regularly caught as well.  In the winter, when the water is clear, some very large squid can be found.  If you can manage to cast to some of the clear areas surrounding the reefs, snapper are also a possibility.  Salmon and even mulloway are caught from the beach.

If you enjoy snorkelling then Swincers Rocks is hard to beat.  The water is exceptionally clear on good days and a variety of marine life is visible amongst the rock ledges.  Swincers Rocks, like Gleesons Landing, is part of the Rock Lobster Sanctuary.  You will probably see these "Crayfish" as they are commonly known, but look is all you can do.

When a big south-west swell hits this part of the coast, big waves can be found in this area, but it is very sharky water indeed.

This is looking north from the car park.  Brilliant coastline.  Looks even better on a nice day.

 Great fishing when the conditions are right.


If you have the kids with you, they will love the fishing and exploring the coastline.  If they want to swim, they can on the beach, but they will have to be surpervised.  Make sure they stick to the clear water with a nice sandy bottom and if there is any swell, don't let them go into the water at all.

All the land surrounding Swincers Rocks has, like almost all of the Yorke Peninsula, been cleared for farming.  Opportunities for spotting wildlife are very limited.  You will see the usaul suspects when it comes to birds though - seagulls, pacific gulls, cormorants, pelicans and a few waders maybe. 

Camping here midweek in the cooler months, you are almost guaranteed to be on your own.  It's not a bad place to be, especailly if you like fishing.  You are only a few minutes from Corny Point and within comfortable driving distance of places like Marion Bay and Innes National Park.

It costs, at the time of writing, $10 a night or $35 a week to camp at Swincers Rocks.  You will have to complete a "bush camping form" and pay your fee at any of the following places:

Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Centre, Minlaton

Point Turton General Store

Corny Point General Store

Warooka IGA

Hardwicke Bay General Store

Any council office in Maitland, Minlaton, Warooka and Yorktown

Edithburgh Deli and Newsagency