The Gap


Yet another camping area north of Balgowan, The Gap is very similar to Tiparra Rocks and The Bamboos. 

About 15 or so kilometres north of Balgowan along a narrow and, at times, rough dirt track lies The Gap.  It has been a popular spot for quite a long time now.  The track is negotiable in 2WD vehicles, but after heavy rain it may become 4WD only.  You may be able to tow a conventional van or camper trailer, but a 4WD rated caravan or camper would be recommended.

 As can be seen from the photo, the camping area is fairly flat and sits behind low sand dunes.  There are no designated spots really, but the suitable areas can be clearly seen.  Some spots are quite large, so would be OK for family groups.  Tents, caravans or campers can all be used here.

The ground is sand, but it's quite compacted, so pitching a tent is no problem.  Because of the low scrub, the sites are not very well screened from one another.

It's called The Gap because there is a gap in the low lying sand dunes along the shore.  This allows for easier access to the beach, which stretches north.  4WD's can access the beach, but it can be quite soft.  Avoid driving on it altogether if there is a build up of seaweed.

The sites are a little more exposed than those at The Bamboos, although the low dunes and bushes provide a small amount of protection from the wind.  Westerlies are not good - they will be onshore winds.  Light north or south easterlies are the best winds, but if light winds are forecast, no matter what direction, you should be OK.  Avoid this spot when strong winds are forecast.  There is not much shelter.

Typical of camping sites at The Gap

The beach has shallow water with some low reef.  It is a good beach for kids to swim at as there are no rips or currents.  It is also a good beach to wade and fish, with flathead caught, along with tommies and garfish.  Mullet are common in Autumn.  With a 4WD it would be possible to launch a tinnie from this beach, which would open up the fishing options.

Late Summer and Autumn are great times to visit as the winds have settled down a bit and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the water.  Make sure you take your own shade as this area can become very hot in Summer.

There is a toilet here.  It's a recent addition - the long drop variety, but it's still a toilet.  Apart from that, there are no other facilities at all.  Water is the main thing - take plenty of it, especially if camping in the warmer months.  All rubbish will have to be taken with you.  Campfires are allowed outside of Fire Danger Season, but take your own wood.

Like The Bamboos and Tiparra Rocks, The Gap is a free campsite, but you still need a permit.  Please see here for details on where to obtain a permit

The beach at The Gap, looking north.  This photo was taken in Winter.  In Summer, there is not so much weed on the beach (except after a storm).

Once again, the place looks a lot better on a nice day.  The water here was stirred up alightly, but you can still clearly see the light green colour which indicates a nice sandy bottom.