Wirrabara State Forest

 Wirrabara is situated in South Australia's mid north region.  It's about three hours drive north of Adelaide.  The best way to get there is to travel through the Clare Valley, through Clare itself, Gladstone and then Laura.

The forest is about 9 kilometres west of the township of Wirrabara.  It is signposted off of the main street of Wirrabara.  You will come to the entrance of the campground itself before you reach the Forestry SA headquarters, which is where your camping fee is paid.  (Please contact Forestry SA for further details re fees etc. 

Telephone (08) 8668 5000
Facsimile (08) 8668 5099
E-mail forestrysa@forestrysa.com.au
Mail Wirrabara Forest
P.O. Box 91

This is the gate leading to the campground.

This is the name of the campground.  This sign is at the entrance to it, clearly visible from the road.

Once you have said hello and paid your fee at the Forestry office, head back the way you came until you reach the campsite entrance (see the photos above).  Go through the gate, close it behind you, and then follow the dirt track to the campsite.  This track is passable to all vehicles in all weather.  However, there is a small creek which this track crosses.  At times of heavy rain, this ford may be quite deep and it is situated on a very sharp right hand turn (going in) which may cause some difficulty, especially if you are towing a van.  The ford is concrete though which aids with traction a bit, but once you are across, there is a steep little hill which might be slippery.  Most times, you will have no problems cossing.

Once across the ford, you are practically at the campground.  It is a lovely little spot with large shady trees and a small creek. 

The road through the campground.  That's the toilet block on the right.

The sites are large and clear from undergrowth.  They are dirt sites and pegging tents is easy due to the absence of rocks.  Most sites are large enough for a caravan or camper trailer.  The sites are not very well screened from one another. It is an area of tall trees with little understorey, so whilst there is shade, there are no bushes to hide behind.

One site right on the banks of the creek.

Another of the large shady sites.

There are a few walks that can be tackled within the forest and two are accessible from the Ippinitchie Campground.  One walk in particular, whilst quite long, offers views out over Spencer Gulf.  They are all pleasant walks, meandering through the forest.  Birdlife is prolific, with kangaroos also common.  Lizards and snakes are common in the warmer months.

There are no facilities here, except for the long drop toilet and a few picnic tables.  Campfires are allowed out of Fire Danger Season, but you must bring your own firewood.

It gets very hot here in summer, so spring, autumn and even winter are ideal times to visit.  It is a nice spot to stay for a night or two and it's not to far out of the way for travellers heading north to the northern Flinders and outback areas.

On the sign in the photo, it does not indicate whether dogs are allowed or not.  I enquired aboiut this and was told that dogs are allowed, but must be kept under control.  When you ring up or email to enquire about the fees, ask about the dog too.  No trail bikes are allowed.