Hogwash Bend


About 185 kilometres from Adelaide, Hogwash Bend isn't well signposted, but it is a well known camping spot, and has been for years.  As such, it is best avoided during long weekends (especially Easter) and  school holidays.  It is not a very large area and becomes crowded very quickly.

It lies between Cadell and Waikerie (closer to Cadell).  There is a sign indicating the turn off, but don't blink or you'll miss it.  The last time I went there, the sign was gone, making it difficult to know which road.  Hopefully it has been replaced now.  The road leading into the area is gravel, but it's well maintained and suitable for all vehicles.

There are no facilities and the sites are not marked.  It is possible to camp amongst the trees above the bank or on a large sandbar just below the bank.  At peak times, there are boats everywhere and, recently, it has become popular with off-road motorcyclists. 

The sandbar offers safe swimming for the kids, even though it is the main river, and it's a nice spot to fish.  There are low cliffs on the opposite bank and deep water can be found here offering good Callop fishing (if you have a boat of course).  There is a boat ramp, but I am unsure of it's condition.


Hogwash Bend.  Pelicans are common.

If you are lucky enough to find some shade, then all year round camping is comfortable here.  You can always cool off in the River if it's hot.  The surrounding countryside and the geographical location of the place shelter it from the worst of the wind.  The ground is firm up on the bank and on some parts of the sandbar.  There are no problems pitching a tent.  If you have a caravan, the sites above the bank are most suitable.  Caution is needed if driving onto the sandbar.  Some parts are very soft and becoming bogged is a possibility.

Kangaroos used to be present here, but I haven't seen any on the last few visits.  On the subject of birdlife, it is the usual suspects: pelicans, Magpies, Noisy Miners, Cormorants and Yellow Rosellas to name a few.

A nice spot, but best visited during off peak times.